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Heritage Listing Proposed for Three Significant Sites

Three areas of special significance to the region have been proposed for inclusion in the Scenic Rim Local Heritage Register.

Subject to community consultation, Knoll Road, a weir over Plunkett Creek at Tamborine Mountain and a private cemetery at Finch Road, Canungra, have been endorsed by Council for local heritage listing.

Division 3 Councillor Virginia West said the Weir over Plunkett Creek at Roslyn Court, Tamborine Mountain, was constructed by Norman and Vonda Youngman in 1958 and was evidence of cropping and grazing on Tamborine Mountain in the mid-twentieth century.

"The cemetery at Finch Road, Canungra, includes the graves of a number of people of importance to Canungra's local history - the Smith, Duncan, Christie, Marsden and Murray families - dating from 1890," she said.

"Knoll Road played a role in the early settlement of Tamborine Mountain and the development of its agriculture and tourism industries."

Division 1 Councillor Nigel Waistell said that as the first road up to the plateau of the mountain and the only access route for wheeled traffic between 1877 and 1920 it was an area of significant local heritage.

"Knoll Road is certainly a special place and the area is well maintained by the Friends of Knoll Road," he said.

Council will seek community feedback before the sites are included in the Scenic Rim Local Heritage Register.