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Two Scenic Rim residents were presented with Encouragement Awards at the Scenic Rim Business Excellence Awards. Apprentice electrician, Adam Stumer of DeMain Electrical, and Glenda Eaves the founder and operator of Mountain Minerals Makeup were recognised during the awards ceremony.


Glenda Eaves, like many women, has long suffered from sensitive skin.

Her sensitivity has limited the make-up, moisturisers and other face products she’s been able to use on her skin.

But it was a severe reaction to a lipstick, leaving her with ‘Mick Jagger lips’, that moved her to action.

“One evening we were going out and my lipstick had hit the deck,” Glenda explains.

“I raced down the road to buy a new lipstick, used it and quickly developed Mick Jagger lips.

“I had a reaction and it started me thinking, ‘There must be a better alternative’.”

Glenda had previous experience selling make-up and began a worldwide search for alternatives.

Following a year of research she developed and launched her Mountain Minerals Makeup.

“Commercial make-up is full of chemicals and isn’t of much benefit to the skin,” she says.

“I have a workshop next to my home and I make the make up there. I am trying to educate women and girls about what you put on your skin. We often look at what we eat but we don’t consider what goes on our skin.”

Glenda started selling her range through selling parties. That was eight years ago. Now she’s built a strong database of customers, many of them have been with her since she began.

She also sells extensively around Australia and overseas via he online store.

“I just get pleasure out of seeing the ladies come to me and say ‘I can’t wear make up.’ We sit down, have a chat and spend as long as it takes and they go away happy.”

Images: Cr Virginia West with Glenda Eaves of Mountain Minerals Makeup who won the Business Encouragement Award and Adam Stumer of DeMain Electrical who received the Individual Encouragement Award.