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Brian and Jane Parker from Beaudesert Exhaust have proven that location is no barrier to running a great business. The couple manufacture specialty 4WD exhaust systems from their Beaudesert factory and ship them around Australia and overseas. The couple won the Customer Service Award at last week’s Scenic Rim Business Excellence Awards.


Brian and Jane Parker have been running their business, Beaudesert Exhausts, for the past 32 years. In that time they’ve built a reputation among four-wheel drive enthusiasts that stretches as far as Norway.

The business employs 22 people and has eight mandrel bending machines, enabling Brian and his team to develop specialised 4WD systems around the country.

Jane says everyone in the business recognises the importance of giving great, consistent customer service.

“We send exhaust systems all over Australia and even overseas,” she says.

“People come to us over the Internet. We had a guy in Norway who owned a Landcruiser. Within one week he had ordered and paid for his exhaust system and we’d shipped it to him and it was on his car.

“We know customer service is really important because if we don’t do the right thing our customers will get on the 4WD forums and talk about it.”

Both Jane and Brian were born and bred in Beaudesert and say it’s a great place to live and to be in business.

Brian realised early into running his own business that developing systems for 4WDs was a growing niche area and focused on creating systems, which offer vehicle owners more power and better performance and fuel economy.

“There’s not many companies, especially in QLD, which have the mandrel bending machines,” says Jane.

“A lot of our customers come to us through word of mouth. Brian started doing exhausts and radiators and he must have seen a niche for the 4WD side of it back before everyone owned a 4WD.

“He realised he could make better exhausts than he could buy and that’s how we started off. Now we make systems for over 100 different models.

“We treat our customers like family and encourage them to pop in and say hi when they’re travelling through Beaudesert.”

Image: Brian and Jane Parker from Beaudesert Exhausts with Cr Jennifer Sanders and Mark Goodman from award sponsor Mirvac