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Lisa Ferguson was born and bred in Beaudesert. So when the time came to open her own health and fitness business she knew where it should be based. Over the past two years Lisa and her partner Paul Wilson have helped hundreds of clients on their journey towards health. Lisa’s Freedom Health & Fitness was named Scenic Rim Employer of Choice at the Business Excellence Awards.


It’s a surprising but real statistic.

The average career expectancy of a personal trainer is just six months.

When Lisa Ferguson started her Freedom Health & Fitness business in her hometown of Beaudesert two years she was adamant that she would buck the industry trend.

She wanted to create an environment where both clients and staff were happy and thrived.

Since opening the health and fitness centre Lisa has retained most of her original team of staff.

She says offering ongoing training, professional development and support and an enjoyable work environment have been key to doing that.

At last week’s Scenic Rim Business Excellence Awards, Freedom Health and Fitness was named Scenic Rim Employer of Choice.

“For me personally, professional development is really important,” she says.

‘The average life of a personal trainer is six months – there’s usually massive turnover. They study, get in and get out. We’re working to change that. We have trainers who have been with us from the start.

“We have 15 staff and we try to develop them as fitness professionals for their own personal success. “We offer workshops and team events. We have a workplace that’s really rewarding and acknowledges and celebrates great wins but also offers fantastic feedback. Support in the workplace is something that I personally felt was lacking in other places where I’d worked. I knew what it was like not to be supported and I really wanted to create that for others.”

Lisa grew up in Beaudesert and says while the region was always passionate about sport there wasn’t a culture of gyms and fitness clubs.

“We identified a gap in the market for a quality health club that delivered excellence in customer service and was customer focused,” says Lisa.

“We help people strive towards optimum health and ultimate vitality to reduce the risk of preventable disease. We work in with allied health professionals and have good relationships with the local doctors, physios and dieticians.

“We offer one on one health coaching and we have five optimal health coaches working with us.”

Lisa Ferguson and Paul Wilson fronm Freedom Health & Fitness with Cr Jennifer Sanders and Anne Humphreys from award sponsor Mission Australia.