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The QLD Moto Park at Coulson has smashed all expectations, welcoming 90,000 riders since opening three years ago. About 30,000 riders a year using the facilities, which include a peewee track, two motocross tracks and 50km of trail riding. The QLD Moto Park won the Business Innovation Award at last week’s Scenic Rim Business Excellence Awards.


Build it and they will come.

And so it has been at the QLD Moto Park.

Since opening in late 2011 the park at Coulson has welcomed 90,000 motocross enthusiasts through the gates.

Operators say it’s proof that innovation and the offer of a safe, well-managed facility is a formidable combination.

“The QLD Moto Park is well-regarded as the premiere recreational dirt bike riding facility in Queensland and quite possibly in Australia,” says QMP’s Diane Ardrey.

“The Park was opened in late 2011 after years of planning to cater for the 230,000 adults who participated in off-road motorcycling.
“The park has provided a much-needed riding area in the dirt bike hub of south-east Queensland.

“QMP offers freshly-prepped tracks, which are ploughed and watered every day. This fastidious approach to track maintenance has not only made the park a hangout for the local pro riders, but has also kept our injury rate down to 0.2 per cent.”

Ray Buchanan and a team of 15 staff manage the QMP. The biggest crowds come on the weekends and holidays, but midweek usage is also strong.

The park is governed by Motorcycling Australia rules and operates under the auspices of Motorcycling QLD on State Government-owned land. The park is run in conjunction with eight local councils, including the Scenic Rim Regional Council.

The park features seven tracks (four senior, one peewee and two junior), freestyle ramps and 50km of trails.

The park was opened in response to research that found that 16 per cent of adults living in SEQ ride off-road motorcycles.

“QMP provides a safe and well-managed facility for one in six SEQ riders who participate in off-road motorcycling,” says Diane.

The park has attracted a number of leading motocross riders.

During a visit to the QMP last year, Japan’s senior Yamaha executive officer, Kunihiko Miwa, described the park as ‘A pure world of off-road riding. I don’t believe there is anywhere else in the world where so many levels of riders are catered for in the same venue.”

A big part of the focus at the QMP is on safety. All new riders to the park receive a thorough induction and staff are on duty to supervise and ensure rules are adhered to.

There’s even an area set aside for first-time bike riders.

“The park provides opportunity for great family time experiences, with many people choosing to make a weekend of it and set up camp,” says Diane.

Since the park opened manufacturers and dealers have used it for ride days, model launches and test and demo rides.

In 2015, park management hopes to roll out a schools-based training program to educate young people about the safe and responsible use of a motorcycle.

Future plans include the continued development of a National Motocross track, which could host a round of the MX Nationals; possible development of a supercross track; possible development of an elite MX training facility which could attract international riders and coaches.

A big focus for park management is the training of beginner and intermediate riders. Several coaching days have been held and more are planned.

Image: Diane Ardrey from Qld Moto Park (left) with Amy Panuccio from award sponsor CCIQ.