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Asta Brent believes having youth on her side makes her a better businessperson. She runs Asta’s Hair Boutique in Boonah and recently added a second shop at Kalbar to her name. Asta says what she lacks in age she makes up for in determination and her willingness to have a go. She was Young Businessperson of the Year at the Scenic Rim Business Excellence Awards.


Hairdresser and businesswoman, Asta Brent, says what she lacks in age she makes up for in determination and her willingness to have a go.

She says that’s one of the core benefits of being in business from a young age.

She started Asta’s Hair Boutique in Boonah four years ago, aged just 22.

The business has gone from strength to strength and she recently added a second salon at Kalbar to her name.

“I always wanted to have my own business but I just didn’t know when was a good time,” she says.

“I had worked in Ipswich for six years but when I bought a house in Boonah I thought ‘I’m going to be living out here, I may as well work out here.’

“My Ipswich clients followed me and I jumped into it.”

Asta says it’s been a steep learning curve but she’s been lucky to have the support of her family and of her team of staff.

“Being young I think I maybe have a bit more drive to go for it because hopefully in the long run I’ll be able to have a strong, functioning business when I decide to have children and then I can take a step back.

“I have great staff and basically they’re my best friends. I trust them and it’s a really nice experience to work with people who are also your friends.”

 In October Asta bought Pretty & Pampered at Kalbar and now runs it in conjunction with her Boonah-based business.

She says the new Kalbar salon also offers beauty treatments, something that has been of interest to her for a long time.

“In Ipswich I did hair and beauty and beauty has interested me for my clients in this area,” she says.

“I hope to grow the business. What I’ve learned from being in business is to make sure your clients are number one. Always put them first and offer the best service you possibly can.”

Image: Asta Brent of Asta's Hair Boutique with Mayor John Brent and Boonah Chamber of Commerce president Matt Wright.