Prohibited & Dangerous Animals


Prohibited Animals - Dogs

Animals not allowed in this region include: Dog breeds such as American Pit Bull terrier, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasilerro, Japanese Tosa.

Any dog declared dangerous by another local government authority is not allowed to be kept here.


Prohibited Animals - Others

Residents can not keep:

  • A bull or stallion over the age of 12 months on a property less than 4,000 square metres.
  • A rooster over the age of 6 weeks on a property less than 4,000 square metres*

     *compliance with the relevant planning scheme is required to keep any of these animals on properties over 4,000 square metres.  Contact Council's Development Assessment section for further information.

Declared Dangerous Animals

Under local laws, Council's Animal Management Officers can declare an animal dangerous if they are satisfied that the animal is likely to injure a person or another animal.
The keeper of a declared dangerous animal must (unless otherwise approved by Council) comply with the following:

  1. A declared dangerous dog must be microchipped and the details of the microchip number and the dog provided to Council.

  2. A sign must be displayed prominently and permanently at any entrance to the premises to enable it to be viewed by persons entering the premises. The sign should display the following words:
                "BEWARE - DANGEROUS (insert type of animal) ON PREMISES"

  3. A declared dangerous dog must be muzzled in a public place to prevent it from worrying a person, animal or thing.

Failure to comply with these criteria may result in a fine and the animal may be impounded.