Being Energy Wise


Understanding Global Warming or the Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse gases are a natural part of the atmosphere. They trap the sun's warmth, and maintain the Earth's surface temperature at a level necessary to support life. The problem we now face is that human actions - particularly burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) and land clearing - are increasing the concentrations of these gases that trap more heat and change the climate. This is the enhanced greenhouse effect. Visit the Federal Government's Department of Climate Change for further information on the science of global warming.

Being Energy Wise in the Home - Alternative Energy Sources

You can join Green Power programs to help encourage the production of electricity from renewable energy sources. Under these programs, you ask your electricity supplier to source the energy you use from renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydro-power.

Energy Efficient Appliances
Visit the energy rating website for information on all appliances on the market.

Energy Efficient Home Design
Visit the following web sites for information on energy efficient/sustainable home design and renovation ideas:
Department of Energy and Water Supply

Sustainable Homes Program
Sustainable Homes Program

Solar Hot Water
Hot water is probably the largest energy cost and cause of greenhouse gas emissions in your household. Solar, heat pump and some gas hot water systems are generally better for the environment than electric storage. These systems are cheaper to run, helping you lower your energy bills and save money, whilst reducing environmental impact.

By installing a solar hot water heater you may be eligible for a rebate through the Commonwealth Governments Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). These are a form of currency initiated to assist the Commonwealth Government to achieve its Mandatory Renewable Energy Target.

Being Energy Wise in the Car

The Green Vehicle Guide provides ratings on the environmental performance of new vehicles sold in Australia. You can use this site to see how vehicles compare on greenhouse and air pollution emissions. When buying a new car, use the site to identify the vehicle with the highest ratings which meets your needs.