Noise/Nuisance Laws

The Environmental Protection Act 1994 and Environmental Protection Regulation 1998 set various requirements in relation to residential nuisance issues in Queensland.  If issues between neighbours cannot be resolved and further complaints are made, Council will investigate.  There are on-the-spot fines prescribed by the legislation for not complying with the requirements. 

The following residential nuisance issues are regulated by Council:

  • Noise from power tools and lawn mowers (known as ‘regulated devices')
  • Building work noise
  • Swimming pool pump noise
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration plant and equipment noise
  • Smoke nuisance
  • Dust emissions
  • Odour emissions

To respond to a complaint Council requires your contact details (including your name), an address for the location of the alleged nuisance, and information on the nature of the issue.

Noise from Licensed Premises

Noise from licensed premises is regulated by the Office of Liqour and Gaming Regulation.

Noise from music, parties and off road vehicles (including trail bikes)

Noise from music, parties and off-road vehicles (including trail bikes on private property) is regulated by the Queensland Police Service.