SEQ Regional Recreational Trails Program

Fassifern Rail Trail

The Fassifern Rail Trail follows the disused railway line on the outskirts of Boonah. The Fassifern Rail Trail was developed in partnership with Scenic Rim Regional Council and local community groups of the Fassifern Valley. 

What is unique about the Fassifern Rail Trail?
This  trail is unique because:

  • it extends the existing network of walking tours in Boonah
  • it is relatively short (6 kilometres return)
  • it will test design, construction and management measures for the rest of the trail
  • it will provide a demonstration section on which the community can comment.

How the Fassifern Rail Trail enhances the local Fassifern Valley economy
The Fassifern Rail Trail is a major asset for the local community and provides the Fassifern Valley with a culturally significant and unique tourist and recreation resource. 

Rail trails tend to attract active and responsible people with an interest in recreation, history, culture and heritage. The local economy benefits through spending on items such as food, outdoor recreation supplies, local arts and crafts and accommodation.

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