Scenic Rim Flood Aware Scenic Rim Flood Aware

Occasionally, certain areas in the Scenic Rim are subject to flooding and Council has recently updated its flood modeling to ensure that when flooding occurs, we are well-informed and ready to take action.

The updated modeling is based on the following updated and improved information:

  1. updated rainfall and storm event information
  2. new overlay mapping
  3. studies of local catchments previously not included in modeling data
  4. assessment of various rainfall events and the potential volume of water involved
  5. new modeling technology providing a greater quality and increased reliability of modeling output

The updated flood model has been developed based on a 1% AEP (Annual Exceedance Probability) event. This event has a one percent (one in 100) chance of being equaled or exceeded in any given year.

Temporary Local Planning Instrument 01/2016 (Flood Hazard) (TLPI)

The TLPI is a local planning instrument which suspends and overrides the operation (in part) of Council's planning schemes.  The TLPI applies new provisions for the Scenic Rim that either update or introduce a flood hazard overlay map and code that applies to development in a Flood Hazard Area.

Development that is proposed on land affected by flood must check mapping (the Overlay maps) and refer to the Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI).

The TLPI suspends (in part) the operation of the following planning schemes:

(a) Beaudesert Shire Planning Scheme 2007
(b) Boonah Shire Planning Scheme 2006
(c) Ipswich Planning Scheme 2006

To view the public notice for the adoption and commencement of the Temporary Local Planning Instrument CLICK HERE

To view the Temporary Local Planning Instrument CLICK HERE

Larger versions of the Temporary Local Planning Instrument maps can be viewed here:

Beaudesert Shire Planning Scheme 2007

Overlay Map OV3.2A

Overlay Map OV3.2B

Overlay Map OV3.2C

Overlay Map OV3.2D

Overlay Map OV3.4A

Overlay Map OV3.4B

Overlay Map OV3.4C

Overlay Map OV3.4D

Boonah Shire Planning Scheme 2006

Overlay Map 6 - Flood Hazard

Overlay Map 6A - Flood Hazard Category

Ipswich Planning Scheme 2006

Overlay Map OV5 - Flood Hazard Area

Overlay Map OV5A - Flood Hazard Category

Region-wide flood mapping

The Overlay maps for the Temporary Local Planning Instrument are the statutory planning scheme maps that must be used to inform development assessment.  However, Council has produced region-wide flood mapping to assist the community's understanding of the flood risk to the region as a whole.  These region-wide flood maps can be viewed HERE

Flood Level Searches

To obtain the specific flood level for your property, you will need to apply to Council for a Flood Level Search, which involves a moderate fee.  The outcome of a Flood Level Search is the Designated Flood Level, which is reported in metres AHD (Australian Height Datum), the nationally adopted standard to which all elevation for mapping is to be referred.  As a general guide, 0.0 metres is close to the mean sea level.

Flood search results are associated with riverine or regional flooding only, not local flooding.  Regional flooding is caused by long duration rainfall over a whole catchment or a number of catchments.  Local flooding is caused by high intensity and short duration rainfall over a local drainage catchment.

If you require a specific flood level for your property, you are required to contact Council to request a Flood Level Search. CLICK HERE

Be Flood Aware

It is everybody's responsibility to be aware of the risks and what to do in a flood emergency.

Check the flood risk to your property by clicking on the link to the flood mapping above. If all or part of your property is shown as blue in the flood maps, it has been identified as at risk of being impacted by flooding.
To gain a clearer understanding of the extent of the impact, Council encourages you to review the Temporary Local Planning Instrument and Fact Sheet, or contact Council's Strategic Planning Team on 5440 5111.
Council's Disaster Management Page provides important information about preparing for an emergency.  It is important to be prepared for emergencies and you will need a plan for you and your family (including pets and livestock).

How do I get further information?

The following Fact Sheet is available to further explain the flood model, flood modelling and flood risk CLICK HERE