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Under Queensland laws, all swimming pools on residential land must be fenced. The fence must be at least 1.2m high. It can be built from various materials but gaps in the fence must not be bigger than 10cm wide.

When you are in the swimming pool, the gate must open outwards. The gate must be self-closing with a latch positioned at least 1.5m from the ground.

This also applies to above-ground pools. Some pool owners believe that if they have an above ground pool then they do not need to build a fence or lodge a building application with Council. That’s not the case. Any swimming pool filled with more than 30cm of water must have a complying fence built around it.

There are various public swimming pools within the Region owned by Scenic Rim Regional Council.

For further information on pool fencing regulations, visit www.poolfencing.qld.gov.au.