Council is continuing to work with the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) for funding approval to repair or replace damaged assets under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA).

Works commencing in coming weeks include unsealed roadworks on Sullivan Road, Ludwig Road, Kerry Creek Road, Little Flying Fox Road, Flying Fox Road, Wild Pig Creek Road, Hinrichsen Road, Ryan Road, Tarome Road, Sweeney Road and Stanfield Road.

Council has commenced the detailed design phase for the bridge replacements at Haack and Steinhardt Bridges.  Geotechnical investigations have been carried out at Steinhardt and Haack Bridges. Detailed design of a number of landslips has also commenced which will require field survey and geotechnical investigations to be carried out on site over the coming weeks.

Temporary repairs

Council is committed to undertaking any temporary works required to support continued use of its road network and appreciates the patience and understanding of the community while works are being programmed.

Have road conditions continued to deteriorate in your area since ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie?

If so, report it to Council on 07 5540 5111 so it can be inspected and prioritised for further consideration.


Damage assessment - August 2017

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