Main Streets Project

The Main Streets project is designed to develop digital literacy skills within the community. It is funded by a Digital Literacy grant which requires digital literacy outcomes. We want to inform and create interest in the community, including long term residents, schools and youth groups, and anyone interested in improving their digital literacy skills.

The project will use iPads to teach members of the community skills such scanning photographs, taking photographs with a digital device and uploading into a space such as Flickr, photo journaling and uploading into a cooperative space such as Google Docs, creating videos of interviews and video editing, researching, creating a Facebook account and accessing Facebook to be updated on the progress of the project, and use Google maps to create a map of their local main street with all the content that has been created.

A secondary outcome of the project will be the creation of enriched digital maps of two main streets in the region (Boonah and Tamborine Mountain) with content about major buildings and landmarks - their history, stories as remembered by local residents, photographs, news clippings and any other items of interest.

The project will be continued to include a Beaudesert location and other towns in the area, and the iPads will continue to be used by the library to provide ongoing training in all areas of digital literacy. The process of the project has several stages, and includes holding public meetings in each community, training staff and facilitators, training participants, and the creation and contribution to the map by participants.

If you have any interest in facilitating any of these sessions, or simply want to improve your digital literacy skills or play with an ipad, please contact Boonah Library on 54634289 or Tamborine Mountain Library on 55405473.

Tamborine Mountain Map