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The Question Is: Would You Be Ready?

Scenic Rim Regional Council is asking residents to ask themselves whether they would be ready to deal with the challenge of a natural disaster.

Its new publication Would You Be Ready? provides important information on disaster preparedness to assist residents in creating an emergency plan for events which could be experienced in the Scenic Rim.

Mayor Greg Christensen said the Scenic Rim had the potential to be impacted by severe storms, flashing flooding and bushfires so it was important to be prepared.

"While we cannot eliminate risks and hazards, we can take necessary steps to ensure we are prepared for a potential emergency," he said.

"Getting ready for times of disaster is as simple as making a plan for managing your family members or pets if they are home alone, knowing what to do if you become separated from family members and securing outdoor items which could become missiles in high winds.

"Now is the time to gather together what you might need in an emergency - a portable radio, torch, spare batteries, first aid kit, fresh water, non-perishable food, essential medication, waterproof bags, and have important documents in sealed bags or scanned to a USB so that you are ready well in advance."

Download the booklet online at or visit any of Council's Customer Contact Centres to pick up a copy.

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