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Public access to the Lip Falls waterhole below Denham Reserve at Beechmont will be closed from Wednesday, 12 April.

Mayor Greg Christensen said Council was acting in response to liability concerns regarding visitors to Denham Reserve who were crossing private property to gain access to the waterhole.

"Given the terrain, access to the waterhole can only be safely gained on foot by crossing private land adjacent to Denham Reserve. This has been recently been identified as a significant liability risk for affected landholders," Cr Christensen said.

"While Lip Falls is a wonderful natural attraction, it is unreasonable that surrounding landholders should have to hold a level of legal responsibility for the safety of people seeking to access it via their private property without permission.

"Council appreciates the difficult situation imposed on landholders and does not encourage or condone continuing public access over private land.

"We will be erecting advisory signage at Denham Reserve to notify people that access to the waterhole is no longer available via private land."

Division 3 representative Cr Virginia West said while she appreciated that some visitors to Denham Reserve would be disappointed by the decision, she asked for their understanding.

"The waterhole is a part of the natural landscape and, as such, access carries an element of risk. The liability for this should not have to be carried by landholders through no choice of their own," Cr West said.  

"I implore members of the public to respect the rights of local landholders and not trespass on their properties to gain access to the waterhole at Lip Falls."

Cr Christensen said there were number of other publicly accessible waterholes in national parks and reserves throughout Scenic Rim.

"I encourage people to utilise these locations instead," he said.

Denham Reserve is still open to the public.