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Road users of all persuasions are being reminded of the importance of sharing the road safely through new high-visibility signage being erected at prominent sites across the Scenic Rim.

'Razzle Dazzle - Every Life Counts' is the brainchild of Karen and Mikaela Dickson, in memory of their late husband and father, Darryl, who died at Beaudesert last November.

The signage highlights the legal separation distances between cyclists and passing traffic.

In speed zones of 60km/h and below the required separation distance is one-metre, while on roads zoned above 60km/h the distance increases to 1.5 metres.

"No matter what kind of road user you are, we all need to share the road safely," Karen said.

"It's really a matter of mutual respect on our roads. I think we all appreciate it when everyone does the right thing."

The new signage is being installed in locations presently being used for disaster preparedness promotion in Scenic Rim towns and villages.

"These signs are in memory of Darryl but are also about the awareness that every life matters whether it is a cyclist, a pedestrian, a car driver or a truck driver.

"If we can save just one life, our mission has been completed and we will achieve what we have set out to achieve. We hope this educates people beyond the parameters of the Beaudesert community to all road users who come through the Scenic Rim."