Waste Strategy

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Waste Minimisation & Recycling

Recycling is not the only way to help the environment when it comes to waste. In fact, recycling is just one step in making less waste, and it is not even the first step. To minimise the amount of waste we create we need to look at all the steps in the waste cycle. The easiest way to do this is to remember:



Factsheet - What is Recycling?

Waste Minimisation Strategy

Home Composting

Studies in Scenic Rim region have shown that up to 30% of the materials presented for weekly waste collection are organic and could be composted at home. Composting at home is easy and will not only help reduce waste but will also produce an excellent soil conditioner/ fertiliser for your plants and gardens.

Kitchen scraps and garden waste can account for up to 50% of domestic rubbish. Residents are encouraged to turn their food and vegetable scraps and grass clippings into organic garden fertiliser.