Section 295 of the Local Government Regulation 2012 (the Regulation) provides that a copy of the Register of Interests of Councillors may be inspected by the public on Council's website and at the public office of the Council.

The requirement for the full content of these registers to be published on Council's website commenced on 1 January 2012. The Register of Interests contain the financial and non-financial particulars nominated in Schedule 5 of the Regulation, and includes shareholdings, controlling interests, beneficial interests in trust or nominee corporation, partnerships, land, other sources of income, gifts, benefits and memberships of associations.

Current Register of Interests

Cr Greg Christensen - Mayor
Register of Interests - Cr Greg Christensen as at 20 September 2018

Cr Nigel Waistell - Division 1
Register of Interests - Cr Nigel Waistell as at 26 September 2018

Cr Nadia O'Carroll - Division 2
Register of Interests - Cr Nadia O'Carroll as at 1 November 2018

Cr Virginia West - Division 3
Register of Interests - Cr Virginia West as at 2 October 2018

Cr Michael Enright - Division 4
Register of Interests - Cr Michael Enright as at 1 December 2018

Cr Rick Stanfield - Division 5
Register of Interests - Cr Rick Stanfield as at 18 October 2018 

Cr Duncan McInnes - Division 6
Register of Interests - Cr Duncan McInnes as at 7 March 2018