Truck/Heavy Vehicle Parking

Under the provisions of Council's Town Planning Scheme, Council will allow one heavy vehicle to be parked on any land provided that:

  • it is driven onto the property and leaves the property in forward gear; and
  • it is not parked closer than six metres to any boundary of the site.

Heavy vehicles include a motor vehicle, prime mover, trailer or vessel designed or adapted to carry persons and/or goods with a combined gross vehicle mass (GVM) in excess of five tonnes.

Other definitions of Heavy Vehicle also apply. If unsure, please contact Council  for further information.

Heavy Vehicle operators should be mindful of the impact their vehicles may have in a residential area, particularly the noise of starting in the early morning. Excessive warm up and cool down times should be avoided.

Other requirements for parking, storage and maintenance of heavy vehicles include:

  • Parking, storing or maintaining a heavy vehicle must not cause a detrimental impact upon the surrounding area or neighbourhood.
  • Minor servicing may only be carried out between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 5pm Sunday. Minor servicing includes changing oil and grease and changing tyres, however these activities must not contravene the Environmental Protection Act 1994. Maintenance of heavy vehicles is not permitted on any road reserve, including the footpath.
  • Degreasing, tune-ups and mechanical repairs may be carried out on an area of at least one hectare. However, these activities must not be carried out with the use of ancillary machinery such as generators, compressors, grinders etc and muct comply with the Environmental Protection Act 1994.
  • Council does not regulate parking on roadways (for vehicles causing obstruction or hazard, contact local Police) however Council will take action against any person who causes damage to Council property including any road surface, nature strip, footpath or gutter or any structure associated with a local government road.
  • A heavy vehicle (or part thereof) containing a load of any hazardous, noxious or offensive goods or materials should not be parked or stored without the written permission of Council.

Strict noise regulations apply to parking, storage and maintenance of heavy vehicles. These regulations are administered by various authorities including the Queensland Police Service, Environmental Protection Agency, and Council ( for instance, excessive noise created by operation of the Heavy Vehicle on the road should be reported to the Police, excessive noise created during servicing or maintenance on private land should be reported to Council).

In situations where Heavy Vehicle operators are in breach of these provisions, Council may take action under the Integrated Planning Act 1997 for fines of a maximum of $124,875 for an individual or $624,375 for a corporation. Council may additionally take action under its Local Laws which include on the spot fines and prosecutions.