Rates Information

Rates are a contribution that each ratepayer makes towards the cost of maintaining and improving a wide range of essential community services and facilities. These include roads, walkways, sporting grounds, parks and gardens, community centres, public libraries, swimming pools, pest and animal management, waste collection and numerous other community services and facilities.

General Rates

Every ratepayer pays a general rate (based on the value of their land) to council in accordance with the rating category the property falls into. The Local Government Act 2009 provides for councils to charge a minimum general rate. The minimum rate recognises that there is a level at which everyone should contribute to the overall running of Council, regardless of their land valuation.

Community Infrastructure Charge

A separate charge is levied equally on all rateable properties for community infrastructure. Revenue raised from this charge is used to fund either all or part of the costs associated with road and bridge infrastructure.

Waste Collection Charge

This charge applies to properties that receive a dual domestic or commercial waste and recycling collection service. Council provides a 240 litre waste bin (serviced weekly) and a separate 240 litre bin with a yellow lid to hold recyclable materials (serviced fortnightly). To confirm if you are in a kerbside collection area, contact Council's Waste Section on (07) 5540 5433.

Waste Disposal Charge

Council will levy a waste disposal charge on properties that do not receive a Council kerbside waste and recyclables collection or Council bulk bin service and have improvements recorded against the property as determined by Council's property and rating system. The proceeds from the charge shall be applied to fund recurrent and capital expenditure and administration costs associated with the ongoing operation, maintenance and upgrading of Council's waste management facilities comprising, landfill sites, transfer stations, weighbridge and rubbish bins.

Rural Fire Levy
A rural fire levy applies to properties within the Rural Fire Brigade areas.  The proceeds are remitted to Rural Fire Brigades to fund ongoing provision and maintenance of fire fighting equipment and operations.

Emergency Management Levy

Council is required to collect this levy on behalf of the State Government and remits the proceeds to Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES).  Further information about the Emergency Management Levy can be found on the QFES website: www.fire.qld.gov.au or contact QFES on 137 468.

Land Valuations

Rates are based on land valuation as determined by the Department Natural Resources & Mines. Council receives valuations on an annual basis and calculates rates on these valuations. The value of the land is either the site value (non- rural land) or the unimproved value (rural land) determined under the Land Valuation Act 2010.

Pensioner Subsidy

The Queensland Government's Pensioner Rate Subsidy Scheme provides a subsidy equal to 20 per cent (up to a maximum amount of $200 each year) of the gross rates and charges levied by Council.

To be eligible for the scheme you must be:

  • a holder of a current eligible concession card, being either a Queensland pension concession issued by Centrelink or Department of Veterans' Affairs, or a Department of Veterans' Affairs Repatriation Health Card for all conditions (Gold Card).
  • the owner or life tenant* of the property, which is your principal place of residence.
  • legally responsible for the payment of rates and charges levied on that property.

* A life tenancy can be created only by a valid will, and is effective only after the death of the property owner, or by a Supreme or Family Court Order.

The property must be located in Queensland and the subsidy is allowable on only one property at any one time. A new application must be lodged if you change your address, or if you sell your principal place of residence and buy another property which then becomes your principal place of residence.

Verification checks are lodged with Centrelink and Department of Veteran's Affairs each year to confirm eligibility. Pensioners registered with Council and verified with Centrelink or Department of Veteran's Affairs will continue to receive the rebate each year without the need to re-apply, providing circumstances have not changed.

Visit the forms section to download the Pensioner Subsidy Application form.


Supplementary Rate Notices
A supplementary rate or charge occurs when there are changes to valuations, services or ownership of a property.  The changes are usually calculated on a pro-rata basis from the date the changes take effect.

Ownership Transfer Fee
When a property is purchased Scenic Rim Regional Council charges an ownership transfer fee to the purchaser unless excluded below.


  • purchase is made in respect of first home ownership where the stamp duty concession applies.
  • change of name on title after marriage.
  • transfers between spouses, including as a result of a divorce settlement.
  • transmission to surviving joint tenants or tenants on death of other joint tenant.
  • transfer where no money is exchanged.
  • transfer as a result of a gift through natural love and affection.
  • purchases made in respect of first home ownership of vacant land provided a Class 1 building approval is obtained within 12 months of date of purchase.
  • purchases made in respect of dip sites, pump sites and other small holdings separate from the balance of the holding or held separate by trustees.
  • transfer to, or inclusion of, a spouse/de facto/partner as a result of an amalgamation or separation of assets on principal place of residence providing that residence is the parties first home purchased.
  • purchases made by Scenic Rim Regional Council, the Crown in right of the State of Queensland, the Commonwealth, another State or Territory or anybody representing  the Crown in any of those capacities.
  • lease changes for a property where title has not been changed.
  • tenant changes for property where title has not been changed if life tenants.
  • change of name for Government Structures.