Unsightly Property


If your property has an accumulation of material or objects (motor vehicles, machinery, building materials), or any collection of goods or possessions, it may cause a nuisance to your neighbours by providing a haven for vermin, which may in turn attract reptiles.

It can also cause a loss of amenity for the general area by looking messy and unkempt.

What does the Council mean by unsightly?
When a Council Officer inspects properties for compliance with Council's Local Law, a number of factors are considered:

  • The type of material or goods stored on the premises – do the goods harbour vermin?
  • The way the goods are stored – can the goods be viewed from any point outside the property?
  • The amount of goods stored – how much of the premises is used to store goods?
  • The nature and condition of the goods – are they hazardous, offensive, noxious, dilapidated or decaying?

Council's public health Local Laws aim to protect public health and safety by eliminating or reducing acts or omissions that result in:

  • Harm to human health or safety or personal injury
  • Property damage or loss of amenity
  • Environmental harm or environmental nuisance

Council can prosecute and issue a fine of $375 for breaches of its Local Laws.

Council may also issue notices to property owners and occupiers to clean up unsightly properties, or clean up the properties at the owner's expense.

Be a good neighbour
Take the time to ensure that goods stored on your property do not create a nuisance by providing a haven for vermin and causing a loss of amenity to neighbouring properties.

Screening with hedges or solid fencing is an effective means of preventing a nuisance from occurring. Remember, the goods being stored should not be visible from any point outside the premises.

Please refer to Council's Waste Transfer Stations website if you wish to dispose of goods.