Town Planning is the generic term used to describe the actions involved in creating plans for the future physical arrangement of a community (at the precinct, zone, town or regional level).

All land in the Region is subject to Town Planning control to ensure orderly and balanced development and protect the lifestyle in a sustainable way.

A Precinct is an area of similar use (ie. an industrial precinct) within a zone.

A Zone is a larger geographical planning area defined by similarities of population or land use (eg. Beaudesert and Canungra Township Zone, Mt Lindesay Corridor Zone).

Whole of Shire Planning Project Whole of Shire Planning Project

Note: Due to the local government amalgamations, the WOSPP project is currently on hold.

The Beaudesert WOSP Project was initiated as a response to the State Government’s South East Queensland Regional Plan. It is an interpretation of the SEQ Regional Plan at the local level.

With South East Queensland’s (SEQ) population expected to double or triple over the next 40 to 50 years, demand for more housing and jobs in the Beaudesert Shire is inevitable.

Rather than haphazard development and urban sprawl, Beaudesert Shire Council wants a planned approach to managing this growth. That’s why Beaudesert Shire Council established the Whole of Shire Planning (WOSP) process, with a team of expert Council officers and consultants to plan, cost and prepare for this growth.

The Draft Planning Vision is based on the framework outlined in the SEQ Regional Plan, the Mt Lindesay/North Beaudesert Study Area Studyand Council’s investigations as part of its WOSP process.

The 30-pageDraft Planning Visionoutlines the key directions established by the SEQ Regional plan, the importance of planning for the future, an overview of the 11 guiding principles to underpin future development, and how we see each community playing a role in the future “smart region”. Community consultation finished in April 2007 and Council will soon adopted the final planning vision.

WOSP newsletters are sent to every household in the Shire. If you would like a hard copy, call 5540 5452 or drop into a Customer Service Centre or Library.


Our Shire, Our Home, Our Future Newsletter - February 2007

Our Shire, Our Home, Our Future Newsletter - July 2006

Our Shire, Our Home, Our Future Newsletter - 2005

WOSP Media Releases


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02 March, 2007

Protecting Our Shire's Views

02 March, 2007

Housing For All Ages

23 February, 2007

Protecting Our "Environmental Wonderland"

23 February, 2007

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16 February, 2007

Four new cities for the Shire

16 February, 2007


WOSP Fact Sheets
Our 21 fact sheets provide a summary of the Draft Planning Vision document (see above). Fact sheets 4 to 14 outline the 11 guiding principles which will underpin future development in Beaudesert Shire.


Fact Sheet 1

Population growth in SEQ

Fact Sheet 2

Our future is our choice

Fact Sheet 3

Our chosen future

Fact Sheet 4

Distinct and complementary economic roles

Fact Sheet 5

Diverse and cherished environments

Fact Sheet 6

A ‘sense of place’ in our communities

Fact Sheet 7

A commitment to sustainability

Fact Sheet 8

Vibrant and flexible centres

Fact Sheet 9

Mutual benefits between our communities

Fact Sheet 10

A high standard of infrastructure”

Fact Sheet 11

Enterprising, inclusive and safe communities

Fact Sheet 12

Communities linked by high quality transport

Fact Sheet 13

Securing our chosen future

Fact Sheet 14

A distinct new region within SEQ

Fact Sheet 15


Fact Sheet 16


Fact Sheet 17


Fact Sheet 18


Fact Sheet 19

Three towns

Fact Sheet 20

Many villages & communities

Fact Sheet 21

What you said, Get involved


2005 Consultation

In late 2005/early 2006, as part of the WOSP process, we asked Shire residents about their key aspirations for the Shire through:

  • Five community workshopsheld in November 2005**
  • A surveyposted on the Council's web site from November 2005 to February 2006, and (shorter version) in the February 2006 edition of Council's "Shire Life" magazine
  • A telephone surveyconducted in Nov 2005

**Note: Different workshops were held in the north of the Shire, specifically in the area known as t he Mt Lindesay/North Beaudesert Study Area under the Queensland Government’s South East Queensland Regional Plan. These were organised by the State Government's Office of Urban Management (OUM), as part of the SEQ Regional Plan, and were held to ascertain rggesidents' views about the future of the area.

The information gathered at the Office of Urban Management workshopsand meetings was made available to the Beaudesert Shire Council and was used to inform the WOSP process and the Draft Planning Vision. Council considered this approach more convenient for residents, rather than holding another series of meetings in the north at which they would be asked similar ‘visioning’ questions to those already posed as part of the SEQ Regional Plan consultation.