Public question time

Public attendance at Public Question Time

Introduced in 2012, Public Question Time is an open forum where pre-submitted questions on matters of public concern are asked directly of Council, via the Mayor as Chair. 

Council requires public questions to be received in writing five business days prior to the next Ordinary Meeting. This lead time allows Council sufficient time to seek more information if required. Questions are assessed for suitability and relevance to Council business.

Public Question Time starts at 8.40am on the day of an Ordinary Meeting. The scheduled dates, links for live-streaming and past recordings are listed below.

For more timely and personalised responses, community members are encouraged to ask questions, seek advice or provide feedback by contacting Council in the following ways:

  • in-person, at one of our three Customer Service and Administration Centres located in Beaudesert, Boonah and Tamborine Mountain. 
  • by phoning 07 5540 5111, our Customer Contact Centre is staffed 24/7 
  • by submitting an online request
  • by contacting their Divisional Councillor

For community members wishing to lodge an enquiry for address at Public Question Time please write or email with attention to the Chief Executive Officer. 

By Post - Office of the CEO, Scenic Rim Regional Council, PO Box 25, Beaudesert QLD 4285


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, accepted questions will be read out to the Council and responses live-streamed to the public. If no public questions have been received there will be no broadcast. 

Prior to restrictions, when the public gallery was open, it was at the discretion of the Mayor/delegate if questions could be taken from the floor without notice.

More detailed information is available in the Meeting and Other Forums Administration and Participation Procedure

Scheduled 2022 meeting dates

Council has adopted the following Ordinary Meeting dates for 2022, Public Question Time will commence at 8.40am, you can listen live via Skype. All broadcasts will be available for listen-back and archived. 

  • Tuesday 18 January - no questions on notice were accepted.
  • Tuesday 8 February - no questions on notice were received.
  • Tuesday 22 February - no questions on notice were accepted.
  • Tuesday 8 March - no questions on notice were received.
  • Tuesday 22 March - no questions on notice were received.
  • Tuesday 12 April - no questions on notice were accepted.
  • Tuesday 26 April - no questions on notice were received.
  • Tuesday 10 May - no questions on notice were received.
  • Tuesday 24 May - access the audio recording here.
  • Tuesday 7 June - no questions on notice were received.
  • Tuesday 21 June - no questions on notice were received.
  • Tuesday 5 July - no questions on notice were received.
  • Tuesday 19 July
  • Tuesday 2 August
  • Tuesday 16 August
  • Tuesday 6 September
  • Tuesday 20 September
  • Tuesday 11 October
  • Tuesday 25 October
  • Tuesday 8 November
  • Tuesday 22 November
  • Tuesday 6 December

Public attendance at Public Question Time

Members of the public are permitted to attend Public Question Time at the Chambers in the Beaudesert Administration Centre.

Those who wish to attend the meeting will be required to book in advance using this link. The maximum capacity of the public gallery at the Beaudesert Chambers is 12, and visitors will be required to wear face masks where they cannot maintain social distancing. 

Visitors are required to arrive at the reception of the Beaudesert Administration Centre no later than 8:30am on the date of the meeting, where they will need to sign in and present their ticket.  Visitors will then be escorted to the Council Chambers and will be permitted to remain for the duration of Public Question Time. 

Protocols when in Council Chambers

Visitors to Council chambers must comply with the following rules:

  • Visitors will only be permitted into the chambers if they have made a booking and signed in;
  • No audio recordings or live streaming is permitted;
  • No photographs or visual recordings are allowed to be taken;
  • Visitors are to be suitably attired in recognition of the dignity of the chamber;
  • Visitors must comply with all directions of the Chairperson;
  • Visitors are not permitted to make comments or engage with meeting participants unless invited to do so by the Chairperson;
  • Visitors, including persons invited to make comments, must act with decorum and be courteous and respectful; and
  • The Chairperson has the absolute discretion to direct visitors to leave the meeting should they breach any protocols.

Anyone who is not feeling well on the day is asked to stay at home.  All Public Question Time sessions will continue to be live-streamed.

If you book a ticket and are unable to attend - please email so that your ticket can be re-allocated to another guest.