Draft Public Amenities Strategy 2021-2031

Council provides 45 public amenity facilities across the Scenic Rim and has recently drafted a 10-year strategy, the aim of which is to: 

  • maintain a network of safe, accessible, clean and environmentally sustainable public amenities
  • improve the quality of public amenities
  • ensure the provision of public amenities is cost effective and meets the needs of residents and visitors to the Scenic Rim.

We welcomed the community's feedback on this draft before it was presented to Council for adoption. Submissions for feedback closed at 4.30pm on Thursday 12 August.


The Strategy has five objectives: 

OBJECTIVE #1 Public Amenities Guidelines
To provide a guideline for the provision, design, operation and maintenance of public amenities.

OBJECTIVE #2 Quality Amenities
To provide amenities that are of suitable quality, appropriate to the location and usage, and are safe, accessible and free of barriers to use.

OBJECTIVE #3 Visually Attractive
To provide amenities that are visually attractive and reflect the region’s heritage or rural character.

OBJECTIVE #4 Regular Maintenance and Renewal
To implement a regular, planned building maintenance and renewal program to ensure the condition of facilities is maintained to the desired level of service.

OBJECTIVE #5 Clean and Presentable Amenities
To implement a cleaning program appropriate to the site and usage, that ensures amenities are presented in a condition that makes them welcoming, and achieves a high level of customer satisfaction.