Operational Works 


An ‘Operational Works' development application is required when:

  • Extracting gravel, rock, sand and soil from the place where it occurs naturally;
  • Undertaking roadworks on a local government road;
  • Conducting a forest practice;
  • Excavating or filling that materially* affects premises or their use;
  • Placing an advertising device on premises;
  • Undertaking work (other than destroying or removing vegetation not on freehold land) in, on, over or under premises that materially affects premises or their use;
  • Clearing vegetation on freehold land
  • Operations of any kind and all things constructed or installed that allow taking, or interfering with, water (other than using a water truck to pump water) under the (Water Act 2000);
  • Undertaking:
    - Tidal works;
    - Work in a coastal management district;
    - Constructing or raising waterway barrier works;
    - Performing work in a declared fish habitat area;
    - Removing, destroying or damaging a marine plant



Refer to the forms below for further information regarding the Operational Works process:

Guide One  -     What is Operational Works?
Guide Two  -     Application Assessment Process
Guide Three  -  Prior to Submission of an Operational Works Application
Guide Four  -    Well Made Operational Works Application

Flowchart - for application involving: Code Assessment only, Information Request, IDAS referral agencies
Flowchart - for application involving: Code Assessment only, Information Request, no IDAS referral agencies



IDAS Forms, Guides and Checklists - SPA

For IDAS forms 1, 6 and Checklist 4


Fees and Charges

For fees applicable to Operational Works applications refer to Scenic Rim Regional Council Fees and Charges

For all Queensland Urban Utilities Design Guidelines and Standard Specification and Drawings for Water and Sewerage Reticulation, please visit the Technical Standards section of the Queensland Urban Utilities website.

Queensland Urban Utilities Live Connections Applications


Design and Construction Manual

Click here for all Operational Works Applications Approved on or after 18 June 2014


Scenic Rim Standard Design Drawings 

Drainage Standard Drawings
Parks Standard Drawings 
Roadworks Standard Drawings




Appendix A  -  Operational Works - Engineering Documentation Application
Appendix B  -  Application Checklist - Engineering Documentation
Appendix C  -  Non-Conforming Design Report
Appendix E  -    Application for Approval – Pavement Design
Appendix F  -    Application for Approval Seal Design
Appendix G  -   Inspection Report Sheets
Appendix H  -   Inspection and Test Plans
Appendix I  -     On Maintenance Checklists 
Appendix J  -    Off Maintenance Checklists
Appendix K1  - On Maintenance Security Deposit - Form of Agreement
Appendix K2  - Siltation and Erosion Performance Bond - Form of Agreement
Appendix K3  - Vegetation Clearing Bond - Form of Agreement
Appendix K4  - Security Deposit - Form of Agreement
Appendix L  -    Deed of Agreement (Presealing)
Appendix M  -   Subdivision Asset Register