Council recognises the significant contribution of residents, landowners and community groups to the conservation and enhancement of the region's natural resources and environment. Council seeks to deliver a range of positive environmental outcomes through a variety of programs which support the efforts of individuals and organisations.

Million Trees Initiative

The Scenic Rim Million Trees Program is Council's flagship environmental program designed with the objective of planting one million trees by 2024. The program seeks to achieve this outcome through the delivery of several initiatives aimed at providing trees to residents, community groups, rural land holders and schools. The program addresses issues of biodiversity loss while achieving sustainable land practices, waterway restoration and beautification of the region. 


Habitat Protection Program

The Habitat Protection Program provides support to property owners to help conserve the environment. The program plays a crucial role in creating better land management partnerships between Council, landowners and the community, and enhances the protection of the region's unique fauna and flora.


Environmental Grants 

Provides funding to community groups, schools, business and individuals who are undertaking projects providing environmental services. Some examples of projects include riparian restoration, environmental education and awareness, environmental weed control and native flora planting.