Scenic Rim Rivers Improvement Trust

Scenic Rim Rivers Improvement TrustThe Scenic Rim Rivers Improvement Trust works in partnership with Scenic Rim Regional Council, landholders and community groups to raise awareness of riverine management issues and to undertake projects which improve the health of stream banks, waterways and riparian lands and the health of downstream waterways.

The Scenic Rim Rivers Improvement Trust was established in 1975 to protect and improve the regions rivers and creeks. The Trust is one of 11 trusts across Queensland with the responsibility for improving the flow of water in rivers to correct erosion and reduce the impact of flood waters.

Each year the Trust plans, designs, finances, undertakes and maintains stream improvement works for the benefit of the community in the Scenic Rim Regional Council local government area. These works are planned and prioritised with the intention of achieving the Trust's vision.

The condition of waterways within the Scenic Rim Region will be enhanced to minimise stream bank erosion, mitigate flooding and promote sustainability.

The Trust is a statutory body constituted under the River Improvement Trust Act 1940 and Regulation and operates under the powers and responsibilities of that legislation.

The Trust is currently assisting landowners in areas to help manage the invasive species Cats claw creeper (Dolichandra unguis-cati) and Chinese celtis (Celtis sinensis), which outcompete riparian species, degrading our waterways.

The Trust is comprised of elected and community members. Details of the Trust and its members is available here.