Grants received by Council

While there is a variety of revenue sources for Council, the three main sources are general rates, fees for services and grant funding from the Australian and Queensland governments.  These grants and subsidies support Council to provide infrastructure and services across the region that meet the shared community goals across the three levels of Government, and minimise the burden on Council's general revenue.

Grants have also been made available to support economic and social recovery following events such as floods, bushfires and in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The types of Australian and Queensland government grant funding available to Council include:

  • Subsidy: this is a sum of money allocated by the Australian or Queensland government for a specific purpose.
  • Allocated Grant: this is a determined level of funding allocated to Council by the Australian or Queensland governments. Projects nominated by Council are not assessed against submissions by other applicants, but individually against program criteria.
  • Competitive Grant: this is funding that is provided by the Australian and Queensland governments that has an open and closing dates for applications. Grant applications from eligible organisations, such as Council, are assessed against set criteria, and then the outcome determined.

Below is a list of Council's current and approved grants and subsidies. This list also includes specific projects within the relevant grant programs showing:

  • the total amount of funding Council is forecast to receive for each program
  • how much, if any, Council will need to contribute for each program, and
  • the forecast total cost of the program.

Council is proud of its strong track record of preparing robust and well-considered grant applications for competitive funding which allows Council to achieve infrastructure, social and economic outcomes for our residents, businesses and ratepayers.

Scenic Rim Regional Council Register of Active Grants and Subsidies as at November 2022*

Scenic Rim Regional Council Register of Completed Grants and Subsidies as at November 2022*

*Note this information is expected to be updated every six months, as required.

In the interests of being open and transparent with communities, Council expects to update this information on a six-monthly basis, as required.

It's important to note that the information contained in the attachment will not necessarily match the amount of grant funding disclosed at Budget. This is because some grants rollover from the previous financial year(s), or are provided to Council in instalments or during the financial reporting period.

Keep updated

Council regularly reports on projects and grant programs through its Ordinary Meetings, and in quarterly reports against the annual Operational Plan. You can access previous minutes by clicking here, or listen to the livestream audio of the Council Ordinary Meeting each fortnight on this page.

In addition, Council's news and announcements page often provides information and news related to various grant projects. You can read Council's latest news by clicking here.

Did you know?

The Australian Local Government Association website identifies, in the past 25 years, the increase in local government spending across Australia has gone from $8.2 billion in 1994-95 to $38.8 billion in 2018-19. This fourfold increase in spending is attributed to the substantial growth in the roles and responsibilities of local government while the revenue base has not changed accordingly.

It is these grants and subsidies provided by Australian and Queensland governments that support Council to have increased financial capacity to deliver many infrastructure and community projects, which otherwise may not have been possible.