Waste collection requests and services

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Use our helpful bin collection search to find your collection day.

Find your collection day

This feature works with residential dual collection services only. For information on commercial or non-standard services please contact Council online or phone 07 5540 5111.

Bin collection service requests

  • Do you have a broken handle or a split bin? Was your bin still full after collection day? Do you have too many bins or maybe no bin at all? We will work to resolve these issues as soon as we can. Report issues by phoning us on 07 5540 5111, use this form for damaged bins, or this form for a missing or stolen bin.

  • If you wish to establish a new collection service please Contact Us or fill out this online form. Consider that inspections or approvals should be in place when requesting services for new dwellings.

    In some cases it is not safe or efficient to provide a kerbside collection service but Council will work through options with you.

  • If you find the dual service does not provide enough space to meet your needs, please Contact Us or phone 07 5540 5111 to discuss service options. Fees and charges can be found on our website.

  • If you are unable to place or collect bins from the kerbside due to medical reasons please Contact Us or phone 07 5540 5111 to organise support. A medical certificate will be required.

Community waste collection services

  • Council can provide general waste and co-mingled recycling bins for events. Rates for this service are provided in our fees and charges

    Contact Us or phone 07 5540 5111

  • Deceased animals present in parks or on council roads and footpaths that are causing a traffic hazard, offence or nuisance can be reported to Council by phoning 07 5540 5111 for removal.

  • General waste and recycling bins are provided in high traffic areas. These recycling bins accept the same materials as your recycling bin at home. To report issues Contact Us or phone 07 5540 5111.

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