Demolishing, removal and relocating buildings

If you are looking to demolish, remove or relocate a structure on or from your property, you should determine whether this project will require a planning approval. Contact council and ask to speak with the Planning Team before lodging any applications.

A removal dwelling is a structure that can be moved from one property to another or moved to another location on the same property within Scenic Rim Regional Council. A building permit for a removal/demolition has a currency period of 12 months after which time the application will lapse.

Building approval for removal/relocating a structure

If bringing a structure in Scenic Rim Regional Council area, you will be required to submit an application for a Preliminary Removal.

If the structure is coming from another council, you may be required to seek approval from that local government to remove the structure.

Removal bond payment

Once the preliminary removal application has been assessed and approved, a removal bond will be set and will be required to be paid before further approvals can be approved.

Building approval for demolition of a structure

If you are demolishing a structure on your property, you are required to submit a building application and pay the appropriate fee.

Other permits/approvals that you will need

You will be required to submit additional applications such as:

  • Building application
  • Plumbing application
  • Road bond and permit to move on roads

How to lodge an application

For building and plumbing applications and information visit: Lodging a building and plumbing application or extension of time

Building and plumbing applications can be lodged either by:

  • email (see details below) 
  • in person or by post.

Applicants must follow council's requirements for lodgment - How to lodge an application.