Food scraps and garden waste

Did you know that 40% of landfill waste is food? This equates to one in every five bags of your groceries going straight into the bin, costing you $2,000 to $2,500 every year. 

Food scraps and garden waste, known as Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO), can often be managed at home. More information on resources provided by Council and handy tips to save on food waste are below. 

Compost Bin and Worm Farm Rebate Program

Council offers Scenic Rim residents a $30 rebate towards the purchase of selected compost bins and worm farms from participating Mitre 10 retailers in Beaudesert, Boonah, Tamborine Mountain and Kalbar.

The rebate will consist of 50% (maximum $30) off the total price of a selected compost bin valued at $60, or alternatively $30 off any other selected compost bin stocked by the retailer of same or higher value.

You can apply for the rebate on the form below or call Council on 5540 5111.

Tips for the garden

  • Grow your own food

    It’s cheap & fun & reduces waste. Start with easy plants like strawberries or cucumbers.

  • Compost and worm farms

    Turn kitchen scraps into excellent fertiliser for your garden while reducing waste.

  • Chickens

    Chickens can use up fruit & veggie scraps & provide you with delicious eggs

Tips for the kitchen

  • Plan your shop and be realistic

    Check the fridge and cupboard, write a list before you go.

  • Use an "Eat First" box

    Put a colourful box at the front of the fridge for older food as you unpack new groceries.

  • Stew or bake

    Make delicious dishes with older fruit and vegetables to save wasting them.

  • Freeze

    Freezing excess food extends shelf life. Brown bananas are great in smoothies, cakes and frozen desserts.

  • Share

    If you have excess from your garden, preserve, freeze, dry or share it with friends.

  • Keep the scraps

    Convert food scraps like peelings into valuable soil conditioners by composting or worm farming them.