Spring Creek Master Plan

In 2017, Council secured Sport and Recreation Planning funding from the State Government to master plan the Spring Creek Precinct. The Precinct includes Jubilee Park, Lions Park and adjoining land to the south (approximately 18 Hectares).

The aim of the Master Plan is to identify strategies and priorities for the development of a well designed and integrated recreational space that meets the needs of the Scenic Rim community for the next 10 - 20 years. This planning was not only about current community needs and expectations, but rather a much longer-term view to envisage what might be needed as the region continues to grow.

Reflecting initial community feedback, the master plan has been developed, incorporating best practice design elements. It will serve as a blueprint for the future development of Spring Creek and provides a vision for a long term action plan to create a recreational precinct.

The Spring Creek Master Plan focuses on active recreation rather than structured sports, which reflects the initial community feedback. The proposed Sports Infrastructure Review, which will be undertaken by Council in the near future, will address sporting needs across the entire Scenic Rim region.

Read the master plan here.

Spring Creek Adopted Master Plan