Local Heritage Register

On 29 July 2014, Council adopted a Local Heritage Register for the Scenic Rim in accordance with Part 11 of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992. The Local Heritage Register is a collection of 54 places that have local cultural heritage significance in accordance with the established criteria based on those outlined in the Australia ICOMOS Burra Charter 1999.

On 26 November 2018 an update to the register was endorsed by Council to include the following three places:

  • Knoll Road and Old Knoll Road, Tamborine Mountain;
  • Weir over Plunkett Creek at 23 Roslyn Court, Tamborine Mountain; and
  • A private cemetery at 28 Finch Road, Canungra.


More information

Council has prepared a fact sheet addressing frequently asked questions about local heritage registers.


Application for exemption

Under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992, a relevant person may apply to local government for an exemption certificate to carry out development on a local heritage place under section 71 of this Act.  An exemption certificate can only be given where the development is permitted under a local heritage agreement, or where development will not have a detrimental impact, or will only have minimal detrimental impact, on the cultural heritage significance of the place.

For the purpose of this Act, a ‘relevant person’ is either the owner of the place or another person who has an interest in the place with the owner’s consent.

Please contact Council's Land Use Planning Team on (07) 5540 5111 to assist in determining whether the development affecting the local heritage place may qualify for an exemption certificate.

Application for Local Heritage Exemption Certificate

Exemptions for development on Knoll Road, Tamborine Mountain

An exemption certificate made under section 75 of the Heritage Act applies to Knoll Road. The exemption applies to development on the Council-controlled portion of the place so that it can continue to operate efficiently as a Council road and the route to Council's Waste Transfer Station.

The exemption gives Council the ability to undertake the following works and activities on an ongoing basis:

  • Operational work involving road construction, maintenance and road access works;
  • Operational work involving changes to ground level;
  • Pest management activities and operational work involving vegetation management activities;
  • Temporary activities that do not involve the disturbance of land;
  • Operational work involving the placement of an advertising device;
  • Operational work involving the provision of lighting and services; and
  • Operational work involving the construction of a vehicle crossover and driveway in the road reserve.

A copy of the exemption certificate is available here.