Publication Scheme

This page has been prepared in compliance with s21 of the Right to Information Act 2009 and related Ministerial Guidelines to inform visitors to this website of:

  • the classes of information that Council has available; and
  • the terms on which it will make the information

About Us

Scenic Rim Regional Council is an entity established under the Local Government Act 2009, providing local government services to the Scenic Rim region.

The elected Council comprises a Mayor and one Councillor elected by each of its six divisions. The current Councillors were elected at quadrennial elections held in March 2020.

We operate under an Organisational Structure.

Our public office is located at 82 Brisbane St, Beaudesert, and we have Customer Service Centres at:

  • 70 High St, Boonah
  • Cnr Main St and Yuulong Rd, Tamborine Mountain

Our contact details can be found HERE

Our Services

As a local government, we provide a broad range of services to the Scenic Rim community. The following links provide an overview of those services: 

Community and Cultural Services
Council nursery
Disaster Management
Public Health
Environment Programs
Grants, Funding and Awards
Information for Residents
Land Use Planning (including Development Assessment)
Animal Management
Facilities and Recreation
Roads and Infrastructure
Waste Services
Youth Programs

Our Finances

Our primary sources of income are Rates and Utility Charges, Fees and Charges, Grants and Contributions and Recoverable Works. We employ about 350 staff and procure significant volumes of goods and services by Contract. Those procurement arrangements are established via Tenders and Expressions of Interest. Details of our Budget for the current financial year can be found at Financial Information.

Our Annual Reports for previous years can be accessed at Corporate Publications. These reports contain the Financial Statements and Community Financial Reports for those periods.

Our Priorities

Council's strategic direction is guided by a long-term Community Plan, five-year Corporate Plan and annual Operational Plans. Those documents establish objectives to be delivered within various timeframes. These can be accessed at Corporate Publications

Our Decisions

Council makes decisions at monthly meetings with business items generally presented for preliminary consideration by one of Council's three Standing Committees. Special Meetings are also convened for consideration of urgent business items. Meetings and Agendas provides a record of recent Council decisions and the dates and times of meetings scheduled for the current year. 

Council has delegated various powers to its CEO, enabling routine decisions to be made administratively in an efficient and responsible manner. The Register of Delegations is available for inspection at Council's Public Office.

Our Policies

Local Governments are required to comply with and to implement the provisions of various pieces of State and Commonwealth legislation. Subject to that legislation and general oversight by the State, Council has established the following strategic documents to promote the good rule and governance of the region:

Policy Register
Local Laws
Planning Schemes

Our Lists and Registers

Title Reference For Inspection For Purchase
Councillors' Register of Interests S293(1) LGR2012 x  
Outcomes of complaints against Councillors S181A(2) LGA2009 x  
Register of Delegations S260 LGA2009 x  
Council Policies S20 RTI2009 x x
Register of Local Laws S31 LGA2009
S14 LGR2012
x x
Register of Cost Recovery Fees S98 LGA2009 x  
Register of Impounded Animals S33
Dog Registry S177 AM(C&D)A x  
Road Map and Register S74 LGA2009 x x
Burial Register (of Council controlled Cemeteries) S79 Land Act1994 x  
Register of Notices given under S251 Building Act S724(1)(zd) SPA2009 x x
Register of Pest Control and Entry Notices S86 LP(P&SRM)A2002 x  
Infrastructure Charges Register 724(1)(r) SPA2009 x x
Copy of each resolution made about
land liable to flooding
724(1)(z) SPA2009 x x
Exemptions granted from pool safety
regulations on basis of disability or impracticality
724(1)(za) SPA2009 x x
Decision Notices and related documentation
for all types of Development Application
729(1) SPA2009 x x
Decision Notices only for all types of
Development Application
729(3) SPA2009 x  
Application details for all types of
Development Application
730(1) SPA2009 x  
Register of Budget Accommodation Premises 228 of BA x  
Register of Unclaimed Moneys S100 PTA1978 x  

Access to the information listed above may be obtained using the hyperlinks (where provided) or by contacting Council at Contact Us. If access is not available you may lodge a complaint.