2024 Strategy Workshops and Briefings

From 4 October 2023, Councillor Strategy Workshops and Briefing Sessions are included in the Scenic Rim Regional Council meeting suite.

Please note in respect to both the Strategy Workshops and Briefing Sessions:

  • No decision-making or voting takes place at these meetings.
  • As these are not formal meetings of Council, there is no public gallery for these meetings and it will not be live streamed.
  • While no quorum is required, all Councillors are required to attend Briefing Sessions and Workshops.
  • Council will publish a list of topics to be discussed at each of these forums on Council's website, subject to confidentiality. This does not include publishing of the outcomes or reports.


Workshops are a process for Councillors, employees and external parties to collaborate, develop or advance proposals, and include topics of strategic importance to collectively develop proposals prior to formal decision-making. Examples include discussions to determine strategic priorities, the development of the budget, initial input into the development or review of Council policies, initial development of a new Planning Scheme etc.

While workshops are not formal decision-making forums they may be used as the basis for officers to develop a firmer proposal which may be considered formally by Council in the future. No decision-making or voting takes place at these meetings.

Briefing Sessions

Briefing sessions provide a valuable opportunity to enhance the decision-making process and are a forum for the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Officers to address any Councillor questions and provide additional background on matters coming before Council for decision. No decision-making or voting takes place at these meetings.

Briefing sessions provide a forum for:

  • Councillors to be fully informed on complex matters that will allow for more effective discussion and debate during subsequent formal meetings;
  • Councillors to share their views with each other; and for Councillors to seek further information, clarification and background details from Council officers or any guest presenters;
  • Officers to advise Councillors of their professional opinions and reasoning behind their intended recommendations; or
  • Presentations by an external party.
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Archived 2023 Strategy Workshops and Briefings

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