Backflow prevention devices

What is a backflow prevention device?

Backflow prevention refers to the prevention of a reverse flow of water from a possible polluted source into a water supply system including a main water supply system.

Backflow prevention devices are supplied in testable and non-testable types depending on the risk associated with the possible contamination.  The device needs to be installed by a suitably qualified plumber who will then submit a test certificate (Form 9).  An initial registration fee is required to be submitted with the test certificate to Council.

Maintenance of a backflow prevention device

Testable devices are required to be registered with Council and all devices must be serviced every 12 months by a suitably qualified plumber who will then submit the testing certificate to Council.  The cost for testing the device is the responsibility of the owner of the backflow device.

Reminder letters will be sent out to reminder owners of their responsibility and the due date for testing.

If your backflow device needs removing/replacing, a suitably qualified plumber with endorsement must be employed who will then notify Council that the device has either been replaced or remove