Inland Rail

The Australian Government through Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) is proposing to construct a 1,700km fast freight network to better link producers to markets and create new opportunities for businesses, industries and regional communities. 

Two of the thirteen sections of Inland Rail are proposed for the Scenic Rim Local Government Area as part of the freight rail network connecting Melbourne and Brisbane via regional Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.  

Projects of the rail line proposed for the Scenic Rim are:

The two Inland Rail projects proposed for Scenic Rim are currently in different levels of the reference design stage. Learn more about the Inland Rail project stages.

Inland Rail are conducting various studies and consulting with landowners and other key stakeholders to finalise plans for the two projects proposed to be located in the Scenic Rim. 

Calvert to Kagaru 

The Calvert to Kagaru Inland Rail comprises 53km of new dual gauge rail line which diverts from the West Moreton rail line near Calvert and connects to the existing Sydney to Brisbane interstate rail line at Kagaru. This will provide convenient access for freight to major distribution centres at Bromelton and Acacia Ridge. Enhancements to the existing track will also support dual gauge operations.

Current status

The Inland Rail team have been working with community and key stakeholders since 2017 seeking input into the Calvert to Kaguru draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The EIS was open for public comment/formal sumbission from 19 December 2020 to 8 March 20201 and has now closed.

How to stay informed:

Kagaru to Acacia Ridge and Bromelton  

The Inland Rail Kagaru to Acacia Ridge and Bromelton project consists of enhancements to the existing Brisbane to Sydney rail line.

There are about 13 kilometres of existing track to be enhanced along a 49km section, to enable double-stacked freight trains up to 1,800m in length to travel from Kagaru south to Bromelton, and north to Brisbane’s major intermodal terminal at Acacia Ridge.

This will involve:

  • the lowering of the rail track under five road-over-rail bridges (Beaudesert Road, Learoyd Road, Johnson Road, Middle Road and Pub Lane), and
  • construction of two new crossing loops at Larapinta (near Forestdale) and Kagaru (near Flagstone), and the extension of the existing crossing loops at Greenbank and Bromelton.

Current status

The Kagaru to Acacia Ridge and Bromelton project is nearing the completion of design and environmental investigations to gather information for the primary approvals document.

The project is currently at the reference design phase which includes environmental investigations before going into the detailed design phase. The project may be updated as a result of further field investigations, government approvals or during the detailed design.

The Inland Rail team are talking to community members about the preliminary results of the environmental investigations and what it means to them, and will continue to seek feedback and inform community of any changes.

How to provide feedback on Kagaru to Acacia Ridge and Bromelton:

Opportunities for business and community

Visit the Inland Rail Opportunities page to find out about business opportunities, workshops, scholarships and community funding. 

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