In February 2022, the Australian Government uplisted the koala to Endangered in Queensland, NSW and the ACT.

Maintaining and improving koala habitat is essential for the survival of this most iconic Australian species. Koalas live all over the Scenic Rim, wherever their food trees grow.

Koala sightings

Scenic Rim Regional Council want to know about your sightings of koalas in our region. Koala sightings provide vital local data about koala populations, habitat and where koalas are killed by vehicle strikes. This information is vital to protecting koalas.

Use our sighting form to let Council know of your koala sightings no matter where you see them in the region and whether they are dead or alive. You can also report koala sightnings on the QWildlife app.

These are our preferred ways of logging koala sightings in the Scenic Rim.

Koala Information

Helping our local koalas

Council are committed to making sure koalas have a future in the Scenic Rim. Here are some of our projects that are helping acheive that goal.

You can also download a Borobi Koala Colouring page here.

Download your Borobi Koala Colouring page

Saving koalas through community action in the Scenic Rim

Here you can see our team in action as they hunt out koala scat with the help of specially trained Detection Dogs.

New koala sanctuary in the Scenic Rim

Council’s Biodiversity and Climate Change team helping to build a new habitat for our local koala population. Here’s a sneak peek of what this future forest will look like one day!