2024 Meeting Minutes and Agendas

2024 Council meeting agendas and minutes

Council has adopted the following Ordinary Meeting dates for 2024. Meetings will be held on Wednesdays commencing at 9.00am.

From 18 July 2023, Scenic Rim Regional Council Ordinary Meetings held in the Council Chambers at 82 Brisbane Street, Beaudesert / 70 High Street, Boonah will be live streamed and recorded while the meeting is in progress. Please note that the live stream will cease during confidential items of business (closed sessions) and when the meeting ends.

These videos are a free public service allowing real time viewing without the need to physically attend giving viewers greater access to Council decision-making and debate. To note, the live-streams should not be treated as an official record of the Council meeting. Instead, for a copy of the official public record, please refer to the official Meeting Minutes published on this webpage for the relevant meeting.

24 January 2024

Listen to the recording of the meeting here

28 February 2024

Listen to the meeting livestreamed from 9am here

13 March 2024

A video link will be available when this meeting is in session

Members of the public are permitted to attend Council Ordinary Meetings at the Chambers in the Beaudesert Administration Centre.

The maximum capacity at the Beaudesert Chambers is 12. Visitors are requested to arrive at the reception area of the Council's Customer Contact Centre no later than 8.45am on the date of the meeting, where they will need to sign in. Visitors will then be escorted to the Council Chambers and be permitted to remain in the Chambers during the open sessions. Visitors will be required to leave the building during the lunchtime break and whenever Council resolves to discuss matters in a closed session. A Council officer will accompany visitors at all times whilst on the premises and will provide the necessary assistance and guidance.

Tickets for the Ordinary Meeting will be available one week prior to the meeting and are to be booked via Eventbrite.  

For any enquiries regarding ticket bookings, please call Scenic Rim Regional Council on 07 5540 5111 or please email integrity@scenicrim.qld.gov.au

Protocols when in Council Chambers

Visitors to Council chambers are bound by Council's Standing Orders and must comply with the following rules:

  • Visitors will only be permitted into the chambers if they have made a booking and signed in;
  • No audio recordings or live streaming is permitted;
  • No photographs or visual recordings are allowed to be taken;
  • Visitors are to be suitably attired in recognition of the dignity of the chamber;
  • Visitors must comply with all directions of the Chairperson;
  • Visitors are not permitted to make comments or engage with meeting participants unless invited to do so by the Chairperson;
  • Visitors, including persons invited to make comments, must act with decorum and be courteous and respectful; and
  • The Chairperson has the absolute discretion to direct visitors to leave the meeting should they breach any standing orders.

Anyone who is not feeling well on the day is asked to stay at home.  

If you book a ticket and are unable to attend - please email integrity@scenicrim.qld.gov.au so that your ticket can be re-allocated to another guest.