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Membership of the library service is free to all permanent residents of the Scenic Rim Region.

New members are asked to show proof of identity which includes your current residential address such as Scenic Rim Regional Council Rates Notice, Drivers license with a current address, lease agreement, electoral enrolment, Centrelink identification, utility bills or other identification which proves your current residential address. There is no minimum age for joining, but those under the age of 18 years require a signature from their parent or guardian unless they can demonstrate independent living.

Classes of membership

e-resources only membership

This enables members to borrow any of the library's digital resources such as ebooks and downloadable audio items only, please note this category will not allow you to borrow or reserve any physical items.

When joining Scenic Rim Libraries online this category of membership will automatically be allocated until identification has been presented to a staff member.

Regular membership

Available to all adult permanent residents; to minors who are able to demonstrate independent living (usually by means of Centrelink identification); and to sponsored adults who join with a guarantor who is also a member. This requires physical proof of Identification.

Temporary membership

Available to adult visitors, not normally residing in Queensland. Proof of identity requirements are a piece of ID showing home address and another showing visitor address (eg receipt from Caravan Park or Motel receipt) These memberships expire monthly and have a loan limit of 3 items and 1 reservation.

Junior membership

Available to children under the age of 18 years, joined by a parent member who is responsible for the child.

Reciprocal membership

Available to all residents of Queensland who are also residents of their home town library. Proof of identity includes ID showing home address and home library membership card.

Institutional membership

Available to institutions such as other libraries, schools, day care centres and retirement villages. Proof of identity includes company letterhead stating person responsible. Up to maximum of 60 items can be loaned at one time for up to 70 days.

Register online

You may join the library online by clicking on the button below after you have read and accepted the membership conditions.

Conditions of membership

  • Borrowing rights are the same for all classes of member, except for temporary members, and e-resources-only members.
  • Member's library card must be presented to borrow items from any of our Council Libraries.
  • A maximum of 20 items may be borrowed at any one time. These can be borrowed from, and returned to, any branch of the Scenic Rim Council Library Service.
  • Maximum loan period is four weeks. If a title has two or more reservations, the loan period will be reduced to 14 days.
  • Loans may be extended for another borrowing period if there are no reservations on the item/s. This can be accomplished over the phone, in the branch or through the library catalogue. It is not necessary to bring the items to the library to receive an extension but the borrowing member's library card must be presented to extend any items in person.
  • If borrowed items are not returned, borrowing rights will be suspended until the items have been returned or paid for.
  • Damage to items borrowed must be paid for. Removal of barcodes constitutes damage and the cost of the replacement barcodes will charged to the borrower.
  • Items not currently available may be reserved in the branch using online public access computers or by asking a staff member. Items may also be reserved using the Scenic Rim Council's Library Catalogue.
  • Digital collections may have differing borrowing conditions depending on the platform being accessed. These change from time to time and are dependent on publishers' requirements. Please enquire with Library staff.
  • If you change your address or name, please notify us immediately.
  • Please report lost cards to the library immediately. You will be held responsible for any items borrowed before the loss is reported.
  • Membership details are confidential and will not be disclosed to other parties.
  • Libraries do not censor content or resources; parents or guardians are responsible for items borrowed or content accessed by children.

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