Growth Management Strategy

Planning for the Scenic Rim's Growing Population

The Scenic Rim has experienced steady population growth over the last decade and was home to 40,072 residents in 2016, which increased to 43,123 in 2019.

This growth is expected to reach 67,000 by 2041.

Around 11,000 additional dwellings will be needed to support this population growth underpinned by over 7,600 new jobs as well as essential infrastructure, services and facilities.

It is important that this growth is properly planned and delivered in an efficient and holistic manner. At Council's Ordinary Meeting of 22 June 2020, it was resolved to prepare the Scenic Rim Growth Management Strategy (GMS), delivered through a comprehensive project management plan to guide its development.

The Queensland Government's Ministerial conditions of approval for the adoption of the Scenic Rim Planning Scheme 2020 also require Council to prepare a GMS.

How the growth management strategy is being prepared

Key GMS phases and indicative timelines

The Draft Scenic Rim Growth Managment Strategy 2041 was available for public consultation between 2 February and 27 March 2022. Council's Strategic Planning Team is currently reviewing the feedback received on the draft to inform the final document for Council's consideration.

Growth Management Strategy stage 3 graphic



Confirming trends and planning assumptions     

This phase confirms trends and planning assumptions to understand core matters for residential and employment growth which will be used as a baseline to draft the GMS.

Early stakeholder and community consultation will be undertaken during this phase including the GMS online survey.

Drafting of the GMS                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Phase 2 draws together the findings and analysis of Phase 1, including the outcomes of the community consultation survey to prepare the draft GMS.

This phase will include the development of a strategy to achieve Council’s dwelling and employment targets, policy development processes, scenario testing, financial analysis and a preferred growth management sequence, and associated implementation plan.

This phase was extended to accommodate additional targeted consultation with State Government Agencies and Urban Utilities.


Public consultation on the draft GMS               

Undertake targeted stakeholder and community engagement to gather feedback on the draft GMS.


GMS finalisation, implementation and project completion                            

Final refinement of the GMS based on the feedback of Phase 3 community and stakeholder engagement.

Upon finalisation of the GMS, Council will undertake comprehensive implementation planning to integrate the outcomes of the GMS with Council's planning scheme, policies and processes.

Key dates

9 December 2019                                                                                                                                  Council endorsed the commencement of a region-wide Scenic Rim Growth Management Strategy.                                                                                                     
22 June 2020 Council (in closed session) adopted the Scenic Rim Growth Management Strategy Project Management Plan and endorsed the commencement of the project in July 2020.
9 March 2021 Council endorsed the Scenic Rim Growth Management Strategy Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and consultation survey.
18 January 2022 Council endorsed the Draft Scenic Rim Growth Management Strategy 2041 for community and stakeholder consultation.
2 February - 27 March 2022

Public consultation of the Draft Scenic Rim Growth Management Strategy 2041.

The consultation documents remain available for viewing.

28 March - July 2022 Review of the feedback on the Draft Scenic Rim Growth Management Strategy 2041 and preparation of final for Council's consideration for adoption.

Further information

For more information on the Scenic Rim Growth Management Strategy 2041 please contact the Strategic Planning Team on (07) 5540 5111 or