What happens to your recycling

Scenic Rim Regional Council aims to manage waste efficiently, cost effectively and in an environmentally responsible manner. 

When your recycling bin is collected, the recyclables are transported to a materials recovery facility, where they are sorted into the different material types using machines and manual sorting. Each material type is then baled and sent to a reprocessing plant to be recycled into new products. These new products are sent to supermarkets or elsewhere for purchase.

What does your recycling become?

Material Recycled product;
Paper/Cardboard ► New cardboard/paper, newspaper, toilet paper, paper bags
Glass ► New bottles & containers, road base
Steel ► New cans, washing machines, car parts, fridges
Aluminium ► New cans, aircraft skins, aluminium sheeting, house frames
Plastic ► New bottles and containers, wheelie bins, clothing, compost bins

More recycling options

There are many alternatives to landfill, so before throwing something away in general waste, consider all options.