Recycle Right

Reducing, reusing and recycling waste are all great ways to help the environment. 

Your kerbside recycling bin can be used to recycle packaging from most household items (except scrunchy soft plastics).

There are a growing number of take-back schemes and stewardship programs and tools to help you recycle right. Some links are provided below or search recycling options by product, through 

Check out our handy waste guide

This guide has been produced to help residents make choices that will improve their world as well as the environment by avoiding waste and maximising opportunities to reuse and recycle while saving money. Find it here.

Wash and squash, lids off and loose!

  • Rinse containers
  • Squash containers and break down cardboard
  • Take lids off bottles
  • Don't put your recycling in plastic bags 

Check it before you chuck it

The Australasian Recycling Label on many products tells you how to correctly dispose of packaging and what can go in kerbside recycling. Incorrect items in the recycling bin can ruin the load or cause jams in the truck or processing facilities.

Australian recycling