Local Housing Action Plan

Local Housing Action Plan

The Scenic Rim Local Housing Action Plan (LHAP) is an action out of the Queensland Government's Queensland Housing and Homelessness Action Plan 2021-2025, which recognises that Councils have a role in housing supply. 

The Queensland Government provided funding to the Local Government Association of Queensland to prepare the LHAP in partnership with Council.

Scenic Rim Regional Council endorsed the Scenic Rim Local Housing Action Plan at its Ordinary Meeting on 26 June 2024.

The Local Housing Action Plan:

  1. Identifies Council's role in housing and the priority actions to respond to housing need;
  2. Establishes a strong foundation for longer-term housing responses to improve housing and homelessness outcomes in the region;
  3. Incorporates existing information and plans that:
    • help with developing responses to housing need
    • acknowledges work already completed by Council, state agencies, private and not-for-profit organisations;
  4. Enables all stakeholders to work together to deliver the actions identified in the plan.

The Scenic Rim's priority focus areas are:

  1. addressing a lack of housing diversity and density to specifically target the lack of supply for smaller households;
  2. seeking ways to improve housing choice for an aging population;
  3. targeting opportunities for social and affordable housing; and
  4. collaborating with key partners to address homelessness and housing for specific support needs including those fleeing domestic violence and first nations housing.

The plan is a living document and will continue to evolve as actions are progressed and priorities shift.

For further information about the Local Housing Action Plan, please contact Council's Strategic Planning Team.