Scenic Rim skateparks

Jubilee Skate Park, Beaudesert

The park is highly planted with a range of recreation elements including the skate facility, picnic facility and play opportunities. 

Moriarty Skate Park, Canungra

Moriaty Park is Canungra’s central sport and recreation park. The skate facility has a shaded picnic table overlooking the bowl. 

Middle Park, Tamborine Village

Middle Park is the primary location of formal sport in Tamborine Village and home to local equestrian clubs. The skate facility is near toilet and picnic facilities and a netball court. 

Vonda Youngman Centre Skate Park, Tamborine Mountain

The skate facility is located in one corner of Geissman Oval with the Vonda Youngman Centre beside it. The skate facility is near toilets, picnic facilities, playgrounds and sports ovals.

Coronation Park, Boonah

The skate facility is located in the far corner of Coronation Park. The skate facility is near toilets, sports ovals and close to the main street of Boonah. 

Kalbar Skate Park

No facilities

There are also BMX parks in Harrisville and Peak Crossing.