Public Interest Disclosures

What is a Public Interest Disclosure?

Council encourages any person who considers that they may have witnessed public sector misconduct,  wastage of public funds, suspected unlawful activity including fraud and corruption, a danger to health and safety or the environment to come forward and make a Public Interest Disclosure (PID).  Council believes that disclosing wrongdoing reflects Council's ethical culture, in particular acting with integrity, and recognises the benefit to Council in encouraging employees to report wrongdoing.

How do I lodge a PID?

You can make a PID to:

  • the Chief Executive Officer
  • a Councillor
  • by Council staff - to the person who directly or indirectly supervises or manages the person
  • A Member of Parliament, or
  • a person who has the function of receiving or taking action on the type of information being disclosed.
  • Principal Specialist Governance and Assurance by emailing

What happens after I lodge a PID?

All PIDs and suspected PIDs will be referred to Council's PID Coordinator, Governance & Assurance, for assessment and processing.

Does my identity remain confidential?

Council will make every attempt to protect confidentiality, however a Discloser's identity may need to be disclosed to provide natural justice to subject officers or to respond to a court order or otherwise by being compelled by law.

In conducting enquiries at all stages of the process, Council will ensure that communication with all parties involved will be arranged discreetly to avoid identifying the Disclosure wherever possible.

Disclosers should be aware that while Council will make every attempt to keep their details confidential and will not confirm any personal details unless compelled to do so. Council is not able to prevent any person from trying to deduce their identity.

If the assessment determines that the matter is a PID, Council makes every attempt to:

  • protect the dignity, wellbeing, career interests and good name of all persons involved
  • protect the discloser from any adverse action taken as a result of making the disclosure
  • treat any bullying, harassment, unfair treatment, victimisation or discrimination that results from a disclosure being made as a breach of our disciplinary procedures
  • respond to the disclosure thoroughly and impartially
  • where some form of wrongdoing has been found, take appropriate action to deal with it
  • keep the discloser informed of the progress and outcome. 

Can I make a PID anonymously?

Yes, you can make a PID anonymously.  However, this leads to the Discloser being unable to receive any updates, or the PID Coordinator being unable to seek further clarification from the Discloser.

Further information

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Principal Specialist Governance and Assurance