Regional Prosperity Strategy and Report Card

On 3 February 2020, Council adopted the Scenic Rim's first ever strategy focused on economic growth.

The Scenic Rim Regional Prosperity Strategy 2020-2025 sets a clear direction and roadmap for the Scenic Rim's future economic growth and sustainability.

The Regional Prosperity Strategic Framework is designed to support the creation of valuable local employment for local residents. It has been constructed based on research, analysis and engagement with stakeholders and is built upon the levers of influence and role of   local government in economic development.

Download a copy of the Scenic Rim Regional Prosperity Strategy


On 7 December 2021, Council adopted its first Regional Prosperity Strategy Annual Report Card 2020-2021

The Report Card shows that Council is on track to deliver key activities and initiatives from the Scenic Rim Regional Prosperity Strategy 2020–2025 by highlighting activity delivered between February 2020, when the strategy was adopted, and 30 June 2021.

Download a copy of the Regional Properity Strategy Annual Report Card 2020-2021 

Download a copy of the Scenic Rim Regional Council Economic Snapshot 2020 - 2021


In April 2019, Scenic Rim Regional Council appointed Lucid Economics to assist in the development of a regional prosperity (economic development) strategy for the region. The intent of the strategy was to establish sustainable economic growth for business, create strong local employment opportunities and high performing industries as well as provide a suitable lifestyle for residents and visitor experiences.

The strategy complements and aligns with existing plans, objectives and strategies.

Consultation with Council officers and elected officials, local Chambers of Commerce and industry representatives and other important stake holders such as State and Commonwealth Government departments, was undertaken during the development of the strategy.