Tourism Development


Scenic Rim Regional Tourism Strategy 2017-2021

The Scenic Rim Tourism Strategy is based on sustainable tourism best practice principles and addresses the three pillars of sustainable tourism: Destination Development, Destination Marketing, and Destination Management. Scenic Rim Regional Council adopted the Scenic Rim Regional Tourism Strategy 2017-2021 in January 2017

Download a copy of the Tourism Strategy here.

A Living Strategy for the Scenic Rim

The Scenic Rim Regional Tourism Strategy provides a framework to guide destination planning and management into the future. The Strategy is intended to be a living strategy that guides the development of innovative, viable and sustainable tourism activity.

A living strategy is one that is owned by the community, by the tourism industry and by government and embodies the essence and aspirations of Scenic Rim places and communities. The Strategy reflects the intrinsic natural, social and cultural values of the Scenic Rim and supports strategies and actions that contribute to a strong and vibrant future for local communities set within a global context.

Accordingly, this living strategy is capable of adapting to changing conditions, local needs and issues and embodies a shared vision that lives within the minds and actions of the stakeholders and agencies involved in tourism.

Scenic Rim Tourism Advisory Committee

The Scenic Rim Regional Tourism Strategy 2017-2021 emphasises the importance of establishing good communication processes and collaborative relationships between stakeholders in order to foster innovation, information awareness, industry capacity building and a shared vision for the region's tourism industry.

Based on this, one of the high priority objectives is to ‘Facilitate external coordination through the development of an effective consultative framework with industry and external stakeholders.'

Click here to view the Terms of Reference for the Scenic Rim Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC).

The TAC features two representatives from each of the region's three Local Tourism Organisations (LTOs), two representatives from Tourism & Events Queensland and two Scenic Rim Councillors.

Council representation also includes the Economic Development/ Tourism Coordinator, Tourism Development Coordinator, Visitor Information Centre Coordinator and the Business Support Officer.

TAC Mission Statement

The TAC represents the interests and needs of the Scenic Rim Tourism Industry. It provides a conduit between Council and operators; facilitates cooperation and joint marketing activities and provides hands on direction for the implementation of the Scenic Rim Regional Tourism Strategy 2017-2021.