Community Plan

The Scenic Rim Community Plan 2011-26 expresses a shared vision for the region's future and will guide Council and community action on issues including the environment, economic development, social well being, infrastructure and governance.


Corporate Plan

Scenic Rim 2023 sets the strategic direction for council for the next five years. The plan is a key element of Council's planning framework, guiding the organisation's decision making about operational priorities and resource allocation.


Operational Plan

The annual Operational Plan outlines actions that will be undertaken over the next 12 months to deliver the strategic priorities in Council's Corporate Plan.


Annual Report

Council's reviews the performance of the organisation against the objectives of the Community Plan, Corporate Plan and Operational Plan.


Community Budget Report

The 2018-19 Community Budget Report is the first to be delivered under the new Corporate Plan, Scenic Rim 2023, which was developed from the Community Plan based on the priorities of the region’s residents and business operators.


Current corporate publications Current corporate publications

Current Corporate Publications

Past Annual Reports Past Annual Reports

Past annual reports

Past Operational Plans Past Operational Plans

2010-11 Operational Plan.pdf

2010-11 Operational Plan.pdf

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Past Corporate Plans Past Corporate Plans

Past Corporate Plans